Bubbles, everyone loves them regardless of age, gender or religion. They are a magical thing that can keep kids occupied for hours, but have you ever tried mixing it up a little bit? Adding a bit of colour, doing a little DIY bubble making, maybe even some art & craft with bubbles? I like to get the kids hands on & covered in soap when playing with bubbles, it's one of the joys of being a kid! So here is one of my way of putting a twist on traditional bubbles.

For this you will need:
1 long piece of wool
2 straws
Bubble mix

If you have bendy straws you will need to cut the bendy part of the straw off first.

Thread your string straight through both straws then tie a knot at the end of the strings to hold them together.

Put the string so that the knot slips into one of the straws & you're all set!

Now you can go play with your big bubble makers! :) 

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