So today was both my first ever demonstration & my first ever market stall. To say that I was terrified would have been an understatement. Those who know me would have been well aware of my fear of public speaking & talking to crowds of strangers - today, I had to overcome both of those as I stood in the public eye of a nearby suburb at Highlands Farmers' & Community Market to hold both a stall & a demonstration where I taught children how to make their very own strawberry race cars. While it was a very chaotic day I must admit it was very fun & definitely a well awaited experience. It was so unusual to be standing on the other side of the markets instead of being a general market attendee. A big thank you goes out to Georgina, the market manager, for pulling it all off & allowing me to be a part of the first market of 2013 in Highlands. She did a fantastic job! I would also like to thank all those who popped by and said hello & everyone who also wished me luck - it was definitely needed & I don't think I would have gotten this far without your ongoing support! x


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