Back to school for most of you is fast approaching & some have even already started! For me, well, the kidlets aren't quite old enough for school or school lunches but that doesn't stop me from sharing some healthy ideas for lunch snacks. Today I ventured into the sweet & savory taste testing again while trying to think of new tasty nibbles to serve at Mr J's birthday party next month. And well, this is what I came up with.

Banana & peanut butter wraps are exactly what they say they are but with a scrumptious taste you would not expect. They are just as simple as making any other wrap or sandwich but give a new look & taste to the every day lunch box. To make these neat treats you simply spread peanut butter onto a sheet of pita bread (or wrap bread - whatever you prefer to call it) then place a peeled banana onto the peanut butter covered bread, you then proceed to roll up the banana in the wrap then slice it into little wrap rounds - it's as easy as that. They are perfect for lunch boxes & snacks on the go.

With CK101 giving you a little inspiration & motivation to get creative today - sugary snacks will be a thing of the past!


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