Now that my kids are teenagers, I look back fondly and realise what a stress head I was in the beginning. Knowing, learning and believing what is right for your kids is all you ever think about when the first one comes along. When the second comes along, you think you’ve got things under control - until you realise the work load is actually doubled! Only then do you learn some short-cuts, and by short-cuts I mean you stop giving ALL of your time to stressing! Here is my top list of things I wish I would have listened to, if I could have my do-over.

  • Kids don’t die if they wear mis-matched socks!
  • Nutella is a food group when eaten off a spoon with a glass of milk
  • You will survive if you don’t have a change of clothes in the car for each hour of the day
  • Forget the nappy bag! If you cant carry it in your pocket, you don’t need it! We are never too far from home that we cant get something
  • No baby died from not having a nappy change in the middle of the night
  • On that note, if you boob-feed and sleep with baby in the bed, you really don’t need to get up in the middle of the night! WINNING!
  • Alcohol is bad for children, but rubbing rum on the gums of a screaming teething child works

  • Saying NO should start really early. Because by the time they can really scream mean words at you, its too late.
  • Kids feel awesome when they dress themselves. Really does matching leggings really matter? Inside out and back-to-front works too!
  • Put your kids to bed early, because having time as a grown up is desperately the most important part of the day
  • Breakfast is really important. And, if the only thing you can get your kids to honestly eat is cocoa pops then just give in. Its more important that they eat something before school
  • Bite baby’s nails. So easy and so much safer than clippers. 

  • Take photos of random stuff anytime. But don’t publish them ALL on Facebook. Show off on social media! Its all about who is the most awesome!
  • Keep lists in the car, kitchen, toilet. (yes! Stick paper on the wall with a pencil. Crayon on the back of the door works too!)
  • Put a lock on one room of the house. Its important to be able to lock the buggars out of somewhere
  • Never buy a highlighter! If a kid draws on a wall with yellow highlighter, it NEVER comes off, no matter how many coats of paint you use! (true fact! trust me!)
  • Breakfast for dinner is fun
  • Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your parenting. If so, tell them their kid is fat, then ask them how they feel?
  • Everyone lies about how often they changes their sheets.
  • Ear plugs work
  • Let your kids make a mess, build a fort and sleep on the floor. 
  • Keep a book by the bed, and write a memory every day. Write down everything funny - because even though you think you will never forget, you will
  • Don’t blog or publish online the extra special moments. Keep them private, they will never be forgotten
  • Undies and socks can be turned inside out
  • Don’t brag about how awesome your kid is. You will never win that conversation with anyone. All of us think our child is the most special.
  • Try not to be a “gunna” with your kids. Gunna go the Royal Show, Zoo, shops or anywhere just spoils a kid’s respect of you. Be a do-er, if you can. Although, kids need to live with disappointment
  • Laugh when your kids remind you of yourself. Then remember to call your own parents and apologise!

Remember always, they are your kids, no one else’s! And, you are always the parent and THE BOSS!

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