Today's lunch theme was 'space' and it wouldn't be a space themed lunch without aliens now would it? ;) 

These cute little creatures, very well known from Toy Story, are a piece of cake to make, are extremely tasty AND are 100% healthy! Just follow the easy tutorial below & you will be on your way to creating a healthy snack that kidlets of all ages will love.

You will need:

(per alien)
one slice of cucumber
one slice of cheese
a small piece of raw spaghetti (approx 2cm)
a paring knife
vegetable peeler
a straw
the smallest circle cutter from the Mini Cutter Compact Set

How to do it!

Start by cutting the top part of your cucumber slice off, you want the cut to be made just a little above the centre of the cucumber.
Next, cut out two triangles from the flat edge. You want to try and make the middle spike as central as possible - this isn't a MUST but it does make the finished product look nicer.
Now take your vegetable peeler & the off-cut from the cucumber slice. Peel off the skin - this will be what we use to cut out the mouth, eyes & antenna spot.
Using a straw, cut out 5 circles from the skin. Don't worry if they aren't perfect circles - little ones won't know the difference & it all tastes the same ;)
Now cut out 3 circles from the slice of cheese using the smallest circle cutter in the Mini Cutter Compact Set.
Place the cheese circles on the cucumber like shown in the picture being sure to rest the middle circle on top of the two side ones. Place one of the circles cut from the skin under the middle eye for a mouth & then one circle in the middle of each cheese circle to complete the eyes.
Finish your little guy off by poking a piece of raw spaghetti through the centre spike on his head & resting the last circle cut from the skin on the very end. Isn't he cute?!
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