Lets face it! The weather sucks, well for most people anyway - but especially if you have little ones. The afternoons when it’s too hot to nap, too hot to be outside and sweaty, sticky fingers just want to curl up in your lap when all you want to do is lay in front of the air conditioning! What do you do? I don’t have much patience on days like this. Instead, I have an idea on how to beat the heat and occupy the kids!

What is it? I hear you ask.... well, let me share with you a way to make the little fingers in your house cool down. Ice painting. Yes, it’s that simple!

You may have seen them in the “Reject Shop” or cheap stores, but there are heaps of shapes and styles of ice cube trays in a variety of animal designs. You don’t even need those, just a regular ice tray is fine! The more fun you make it though, the longer you will keep the rug rats busy.

Lets add water, and different food colouring colours to the water, and pop in a toothpick. Carefully, pop it into the freezer. During the heat of the day, and the crankiness that goes with it - grab them out. And lets start to paint! Here, I am showing them being used to paint paper. Why not try concrete as well? Why not put them in a glass of water and watch the shapes melt? 

Its fun, cheap and most of all something you can do to cool down on a very hot day. Thank goodness there are only a few more weeks of Summer left! This is one of the original kiddy chill pills! 

Written by guest writer Alice Slamani. Known as The Laundry Fairy and also Creative Consultant at gFocus Photography (www.gFocusPhotography.com)

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